American Ether

In a world where everything that qualifies is monetarily quantified, the soul does persist. People hate a thing just because it exists, yet how do you resist everything that survives that first tryst. If life could live forever but only undercover, who gets to know…and who would ruin it to discover.

This is what comes after the American dream. This is American Ether.

In a not-too-distant-future, global warming begins the slow culling of the world. As pollution and strife weed out millions, automated systems and Artificial Intelligence take a permanent hold of the workforce. While the rest of humanity hassles with the consequences, the über wealthy take solace in knowing they have secured their place for the future. Inheriting the Earth as the “beautiful ones,” this 1% of the 1% have but one question remaining: for how long?

Their solution: The Human Longevity Project. Scouring the haystack of humanity for that needle of immortality, this is the story of what would happen if that special little genome was found, hunted, and consumed by the powers that have access to everyone and everything but it.

Two characters carry the day: Lester, 99, attempts to continue despite a lifetime of broken regrets. While the odd chapters jump backwards through Lester’s life, the even chapters push forward through Ethan, 16, a young man who attempts to persevere upon unlocking his life as the world’s rarest and luckiest rabbit’s foot.

Together with their cast of characters they will try to answer the question of whether life is worth the end…